New Build Houses in Ireland

Monarch Contracts ltd is an exceptional building contractor in Ireland. Monarch offers new build services in Ireland that are budget-friendly and high-quality in order to turn your vision of new builds into reality.

Monarch Contracts ltd have specialists that include house and office builders in Ireland, along with designers, plumbers, professional painters, and smart home installers to give you a complete bouquet of service essentials in one place.

Monarch's new build teams have accumulated years of experience that allows them to give you an excellent yet affordable service.We concentrate on presenting customized building solutions to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

New Build House Installation That Performs

Designing your new house build is a process that requires a lot of thought beforehand. We begin by figuring out your requirements, your family size and ideas, needs, lifestyle, entertainment needs, and your interior needs and storage style.

With these understandings Monarch's new build service team designs a plan to build your home with free-flowing space and excellent usability to ensure your home flows with your needs.

New Build House Design and Installation Process

Site Visit

The area you live in says a lot about who you are and how you run your life, and so we think an essential step is to visit your home so that we can meet your needs, your budget, and your obligations. At Monarch's new build, we are acutely aware of the value of being sure at this early stage of the best course of action to achieve our client's goals.

Feasibility Study

We will conduct a feasibility study with you to explore the possibilities of maximizing space in your home and this will enable you to evaluate how the changes will complement what is already in your property. We will also be drafting architectural images that will give you an idea of what the completed works will look like.

Separately, the cost of the project will also be calculated to show the cost of specific items and materials. We'll use our AutoCAD design suite to show you alternative designs, including both 2-D and 3-D models of your modified home.

New Build House Project Design

When you have confirmed that you are happy with the initial design ideas that we provided you, our architectural designers will proceed to draft a detailed floor plan. These images will allow you to choose the most suitable material for various features of your renovation and finalize your selection of kitchen units and appliances, wardrobes, lighting options, and so on.

AutoCAD CGI visual design images will be re-used to illustrate the different designs that can be adopted. Generally, we will examine all the options available to you to ensure that the final design meets all your demands within the agreed budget. Before construction begins, Monarch will also take responsibility for taking all required planning approvals and for full compliance with building regulations.

Project Planning

Monarch can give you a complete written project plan that describes each activity you plan to do before, during, and after your construction. Furthermore, our team of experts will keep in touch with you regularly during the project's progress. We understand communication can become a problem so we do everything we can to prevent this.

During construction, you can be sure that the work will be taken out by our team of talented and experienced builders and under the supervision of a professional on-site project manager. Everything throughout the project is focused on making sure that work goes smoothly and that your vision of your home becomes a reality.

Project Completion

Even after construction begins, you'll be able to make modifications to the aspects of the project plan, whether it's to make changes to the type of flooring or to change the finish of your windows or another part of the home.

A building inspector will visit regularly during the project to ensure we comply with all the latest building regulations. The building inspector will issue a completion certificate upon completion of all construction work.

Monarch New Build House Style Palette

With such a wide variety of design options, searching for the right contractor can mean your project ends up on the backburner. Monarch offers an extensive range of house design services at an affordable cost. From modern to ethnic to contemporary to period, our design visionaries can design the look of your new build just the way you imagine.

With Monarch’s new build magic wand we never fail to capture the imagination in such a way that your home can glow with your personality.

We have expertise in:

  • Single-story home
  • Double-story home
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Social Housing Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Senior Facilities
  • Student Accommodation

Why Monarch Design New Build Houses

Long-term Success

Trust builds strong relationships, and this fact explains why Monarch’s relationships with Ireland's most respected owners and developers are so lasting. Owners and developers rely on our proficient knowledge of market requirements and trust us to complete projects with them.


Working with Monarch's new build team provides you direct access to an experienced, active team focused on your development. Their innovative thinking is driven by in-depth market knowledge that is increased by constant collaboration with you and Monarch's extensive professional team.


Our team takes a tailored strategy throughout the journey from first land acquisition to deal and handover.

Anywhere new projects take place; buyers can count on Monarch's design, services and thorough understanding of the terrain. So if you are looking for a new home, Monarch will help you find the one that is perfect for your today's requirements along with future plans.

Why not begin the process now and discuss how we can help you to build your perfect home without shuffling between several subcontractors.

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