Renovation and Remodelling Services in Ireland

Home renovation is the best choice for those who like new changes in their lifestyle, and want a beautiful home! If you are planning to renew your home and are looking for a safe and finished home renovation and remodelling service provider, then Monarch home renovation Ireland is the right place for you.

A few companies specialize in flooring; few will just renovate the kitchen, bathroom, and others will concentrate on painting or tiling. Monarch Contracts, Renovation service in Ireland is one name for all your requirements. We pride ourselves in being the company you can believe in for a unique renovation and remodelling service based on your choices and expectations, in the shortest time possible.

Monarch Contracts has expertise in providing unique home renovation services in Ireland. We are armed with a team of experienced workers who are able to renovate the existing properties according to your needs and desires.

Our home renovation services in Ireland involve wall painting, plumbing, modular kitchen, electrical, joinery, and so on. Our rendered services are managed with the most comprehensive care and agility. In addition, we take care of people and the environment while renovating your homes.

Home Renovation Process


You want to be extremely organized when you begin a remodelling project or home edition. We help you decide on the size and style of your design and then begin with a list of everyone's must-have products and features. Adhering to your product list is very essential to stay on budget and on time. Even if the product needs to be ordered or doesn't fit properly with the sink you've chosen, minor changes by deciding on a different faucet can always be taken in the stride.


We believe in written estimates from licensed agencies to make the process cent percent transparent. We can give you referrals, and/or you can ask friends and family who have comparable remodels for references. Unless you have cash set aside, you may be seeking to finance your renovation, so depending on the investment you have in mind, refining choices might be the best option. Make sure to set aside for redecorating as well.


Removing elements like wires and walls, carpet, and floors can be a daunting and messy job, but you may save some bucks if you're willing to do it yourself but we are there if you like to do a safe job for you. We make your home ready for this agitation by excluding breakables from your wall and protecting your floor and furniture. This may be the smallest step in remodeling, but it can spell havoc for you and your home if you're not prepared well.


If your plans are big, such as a kitchen remodel or new addition, you may consider moving out of your home temporarily. We try to plan the whole process to do our best to keep this disruption to your lifestyle as limited as possible. We have a well experienced and expert team of men-at-work, so you have a smooth experience.


Like demolition, Cleanup is very crucial. We give chemical baths, water baths, dry wipes etc depending upon the area and surface of treatment. Our professional will give a spank unit in hand, so all you need to do is sit and sip your coffee!

Home Renovation Ireland’s Service Pallet

Painting & Decorating

Monarch Contracts in Home Renovation Services provides painting and decorating services that are offered to the owners of both residential properties and commercial premises. We can manage your home or business to an expert paint job from a professional paint contractor.

Drywall & Plastering

Whether clients require a plasterer, renderer, or dry lining service for their home renovation or business, we offer a wide range of choices to satisfy the client's requirements.

General Carpentry & Doors

Monarch offers carpentry that combines the traditional method of craftsmanship with modern machinery to provide you with the high-quality final output, including doors, flooring, fittings, and much more, for all your diverse carpentry needs.

Open Plan Renovation

We offer the best bathroom design with a long-lasting finish that goes ahead with the superficial luster of clean clinical surfaces. With the passion for assembling well-engineered systems, our plumbing and warming experts and electricians will assure that your custom spa, wet room, bathroom, or en suite bathroom will be elegantly customized and fit to serve its intimate purpose.

Re-clad Renovation

We provide a team of experts that fixes the interior fittings, joinery, and carpentry that means you'll enjoy a unique space embellished and adorned with the eye-catching handcrafted sophistication of excellence. Monarch Contracts have all the necessary experts to provide a completely fresh look at your property.

Monarch Contracts, Home Renovation services in Ireland, a Resonating name:
  • We have an outstanding track record of finishing Home Renovation Ireland Projects on time and within budget.
  • We give a friendly, professional service backed by solid experience in our industry.
  • We can manage several major projects as well as complete any minor repairs quickly.
  • We have the expertise to guide you on your project and the means to do any work.
  • We have a large portfolio of home renovation, construction, and maintenance projects for home renovation Ireland.
  • Monarch Contract Ireland's home renovation installation process is client-centered, and why not start to renovate the home today and discuss how we can assist you build your perfect home without having to juggle multiple subcontractors.

Why Monarch for Renovation Services in Ireland?

Connect with Monarch Contracts for Home Renovation Services in Ireland. We provide a quality, budget-efficient, and hassle-free collection of services to satisfy all bases as per your design.

Renovation Services in Ireland has an expert team of Project Managers, Carpenters, Designers, Plumbers, Cabinet Makers, Electricians, and Workers with years of expertise in this trade. All you have to do is reach out to us, and our team will take care of your needs.