Attic Conversions Services in Ireland

With the guidance and help of Attic Conversions Services in Ireland from Monarch Contracts, you can design stunning Attic conversions well within a budget that may well surprise you. Monarch Attic Conversions being the expert name in the field, have an unlimited supply of the best products at highly competitive rates along with professional plans, we can make your dreams come true.

Our in-house architects have worked on several different types, sizes, and designs of the attic to provide advice and support in compiling the perfect design for you, within your budget, and your home.

Attic Conversions Installation That Performs

Attic conversion installation is a process that is more technical in nature. We start by understanding your requirements and needs, then what you want to convert your attic into. Then by understanding structural strength and space possibilities. Monarch Contracts attic conversion team is known for coming up with creative possibilities, we believe in giving more than what looks possible. After that, we develop a plan as per your requirements that gives you a smooth sail.

Attic Conversions Installation Process


A member of our profoundly experienced design team will visit you at your property to evaluate what is possible and as per your desire. They will be capable of defining the likelihood of requiring planning permission. Advising on the complexity and potential of projects also provides the options for the structuring of your attic conversions in Ireland.


Our team will develop all drawings and heights needed to give your application the best chance of being successful or work with experienced architects to help with this process.

Project manager

Each project we work on will be assigned with a dedicated Project Manager from day one. They will oversee your project, coordinate all contractors and trades, and answer any of the questions you may have on the way.

Building control

Certainly, if planning permission was sought and conferred, the local authority would send a home control officer to inspect the progress of the work. Once finished and they are satisfied, they will issue a completion certificate, and we hold the responsibility until then.


The Completion Certificate of the Building Control Officer will be added to the folder, which we will provide to you that will contain all the certificates that we collected along the way, including gas and electricity.

That's what we're discussing here. We go over a lot of details to stabilize the design.


This being the last step, we assure you that only experienced fitters will only lay their hands on your attic conversions in Ireland. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have an experienced Attic conversions installation team to avoid breakage or such delays.

Attic Conversions Ireland’s Style Pallet

Dormer Loft

Dormer loft is designed to square off on top of an already sloping roof. This requires comparatively straightforward construction works. Monarch Contracts accomplish many of these in Ireland.

L Shape Mansard

The construction of an L-shaped mansard roof would require a back addition to the property. Often there is a kitchen and bathroom or utility room at the back of the house. This provides mansard to expand into this area. These are usually built on Ireland properties.

Velux Loft

While the name Velux is not a type of roof structure, it is the name of the most well-known window brand. The original roof house is retained, roof space is built into the habitable room, then Velux Styled Windows are fitted into the ceiling.

Hip to Gable

Our hip to gable conversion projects are routinely done in completely detached, semi-detached, or end-to roof homes. Hip roofs are essential, a roof that has a slope at either end, with the right end sloping at either end. The roof is extended perpendicular to the slope.

Why Choose Monarch Contracts for Attic conversions Services in Ireland

Monarch Contracts has a proven track record. We offer Attic conversions service packages in Ireland that represent excellent value for money, an all-in-one package with excellent client satisfaction.

We Handle Every Aspect

Once a free, non-obligatory site survey is done, you will get a quote from us with a clear analysis of all costs.

Everything you require from your attic living space of your dreams.

  • Bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, study, kid’s room, etc
  • Storage, insulation, etc
  • Toilets, showers plumbed-in, etc

Many Years of Experience

We have several years of experience in doing every type of attic conversion, and this enables us to furnish you with the best possible design, quality, and client service.


We make the most of your free space, and there are several different types of Attic conversions in Ireland available from roof-light conversions to the type of dormer, flat roof, curb roof, and pitched roof. We understand an added bathroom can make an enormous difference in family life, be it a simple shower room or a designer wet room. We can customize the design of a shower enclosure to suit any attic space.

Minimum Disruption

We provide the scaffolding directly to the ceiling height, which permits the entry of most materials through this passage. We leave the construction of the stairs to the later stages of the project to minimize daily disruption.

Our well-established connections with local professional building and planning regulation departments mean we will ensure the design is perfect and right, the first time. Monarch attic conversions do exactly as discussed for your attic conversions.

Call us today for a free, non-obligatory site survey, get a quote from us with a clear analysis of all costs, and then make up your mind.

Attic conversions in Ireland